Nikhil Raj Sharma

Entrepreneur, Trainer & Life-Coach

Nikhil Raj Sharma is a certified trainer, consultant, mentor and a life coach for over 17 years, who knows how to bring out the best in others.


Are You One Of The Following?

If you are a student who still hasn’t figured out what you need to do in life. Don’t fret. Nikhil has your back for he will give you just the direction you are looking for under your given circumstances.

If you are someone who wishes to take any competitive exam, then Nikhil is your go-to person. He will practically sit with you until you crack the interview for your dream destination. Nikhil loves to see his students shine in almost all realms because, he was one of you. Nikhil has collaborated with leading educational institutes and training centers In India to provide his expertise to his students.

If you are someone looking to enhance your soft-skills, presentation skills and become confident in life in general , then you have stumbled upon the best person who will get you the best results.

Nikhil is passionate about making you confident communicators and effective presenters.

Whether you are a student just stepping into the work world, an entrepreneur who talks to clients for business or a professional looking to stay ahead in your career –

Nikhil can help you enhance your ability to communicate better, own the room with your presence and project confidence in any situation.

From planning, strategizing, training, guiding, managing, marketing, and execution of a set target, Nikhil has collaborated with MNC’s and Startups to give them a sense of his experience and strategies to work on the organisation’s overall growth.

Nikhil builds up and supports his clients through innovative and detailed attention to brand-building. If you are a politician, celebrity, influencer, artist, writer, designer, or for that matter a person looking to create an impact in your respective industry, don’t miss out on Nikhil’s far-fetched ideas to make sure you climb ladders of success.

Nikhil’s Success

Trained Students From All Over India
Collaborated and Trained Corporate Houses
Collaborated with Educational Institutes

Nikhil’s Services Include

  • Corporate Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership Development

  • Career Counselling

  • Mind Training

  • Personal Branding

  • Personality Development

  • Strategy Building

  • Business Communication

  • Attitude Building

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • Social Skills

  • Corporate Etiquette

  • Interview Skills

  • Enhancing Soft-Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Personal Counselling

Why Choose Nikhil?

Nikhil has an unbeaten repertoire of managing, training, and consulting several individuals and brands spread across a vast spectrum of areas, making him one of India’s leading certified trainers.

Know More About Nikhil

About Nikhil

Nikhil Raj Sharma

Entrepreneur, Trainer, Consultant & Life-Coach

An Eminent Corporate Trainer, Entrepreneur & Life-Coach, Nikhil Raj Sharma is specialized in Facilitating, Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting for the last 17 years.

Nikhil is the founder of the renowned cultural and social organisation, Himalayan Geographic, that excels in exploring the great Himalayas and its culture.

Nikhil has continued to maintain his stature as someone to look up to. He is one of the most sought after product of India’s leading engineering and management institutes.

Through his own vision and experience of being in top-notch institutes of the country, he has fuelled the imagination of his students to dream big and eventually driven several towards their lifelong dream of entering the gates of leading institutes.

Nikhil brings his rich experience & insights of the Corporate World as a critical yardstick for Self-Worth & Holistic Personal Empowerment. Nikhil provides training, coaching and consultation to individuals and companies, and assists them to achieve their personal, career and business objectives.

His corporate, non-corporate, educational institute and personal clients include some of the pre-eminent names of their respective industries.

Nikhil is also the name behind the success of a multitude of start-ups from across the country.

His highly focused, power packed and refreshing sessions are not merely the ‘What you need to Do’ but also entail the ‘How you need to do’ tools & techniques.

His Training focuses on empowerment techniques that enhance personal and professional life.

Nikhil is also dedicated to the understanding of Mind psychology , cognitive behaviour and counseling students, by empowering them to uproot the fear factor and negative self beliefs, which create loss of focus, examination phobia, improper, inter personal relationships, which in turn trigger self hatred and low self esteem.

He has gone a long way to ensure his clients gain the confidence to shine on any platform whatsoever.

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